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From the time you announce your engagement to the very day of your wedding, there are so many intangibles and details to cover, and each one seems just as crucial as the last one. Most couples stress that you cannot skip one nuance of booking the venues, floral arrangements, entertainment, and catering or your wedding will be one heck of a mess. One of arguably the more important facets is finding someone you can trust to handle documenting the event via photography, videography, or both. It really is up to your preferences if you want two different forms of media, but make sure your budget can handle the expense. If you're looking for just a videographer, the Indianapolis and the greater metropolitan area offers many fantastic options. Below are some steps to follow so it will be that much easier to make the right choice.

The first step is to research the common styles that videographers utilize for weddings. There are three styles that are pretty prominent among videographers. One style is the fly-on-the-wall approach, this style resembles what you might see off a reality television show. The second style is the documentary style, which is an approach that uses narration and interviews, think of National Geographic only without the wildlife (we hope!). Another popular style is the cinematic approach which features more leeway for the videographer to be creative, and will have a more Hollywood moving pictures feel. Depending on the videographer, the styles will vary and will range in cost, not to mention quality. Some videographers will combine styles, and make their own unique brand. Discuss with the candidate what you envision for your wedding so they can make adjustments if necessary.

The second step is to start your search with the recommendations of friends, family, and close colleagues. You will find that online wedding directory websites will be your best friend during the planning process as they provide you with plenty of sources of information such as pricing, reviews, bridal testimonials, and demonstration videos. These directories will help you hone in on professional videographers that specialize exclusively in weddings, and will help you ascertain the candidates with the highest levels of experience and acclaim. Once you have a handful of candidates, place calls to them, and schedule interviews. You should only bother with the ones that are available on your date, so that should be your first question to them.

During the interviews, you will want to obtain each candidate's personal contact information, especially the ones that you are really interested in. If you are going to go forward with a candidate, you need to be able to trust them implicitly. To gain that level of comfort, you need to become personally acquainted with them by establishing a good line of communication. If something is just not meshing with you two, then do not consider their services.

You are going to want to ask each candidate plenty of questions. One imperative question is whether or not they have an establish rapport with the venues you have chosen for your wedding. Regardless of their answer, you should still ask them to visit the site with you, and peruse the best spots and angles for videoing the festivities. You will also want to ask about the condition of their equipment, and their knowledge and experience with it. You should ask how experienced they are, and on average how many weddings they do in a year. You should also inquire into the production process, particularly how experienced they are with editing the product, and how long you will have to anticipate waiting for the finished product. Also, it is worth discussing the copyrights of the video, and if there are any other formats for the video besides DVD.

Once you have those details at hand, you need to cover the cost of the package, and compare them between candidates. You should ask for a sample invoice at the end of each interview. Remember, you get what you pay for, so be cautious of suspiciously cheap quotes! If you have made your choice, write up a contract for both parties to sign that will outline all the details of labor. Once you place the deposit, you should fully expect to be blown away at how beautiful your wedding is on the wonderful video your videographer produced for you!

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